Optimum Ecosystem by Biological Induction







What The Experts Are Saying

"At Dovinto, they have taken sustainability to the next level; they are self-sustaining. From producing their own inputs, such as bio fungicides and biofertilizers made from vermicompost and its leachates, to designing their terraced vineyards to prevent erosion and conserve the soil, a non-renewable resource. The effort they make in the vineyard is evident in the quality of their wines"

Vidal Perez, Master of Science from the State University in Fresno USA Teacher and Advisor of Sustainable Viticulture in Baja California, Mexico 

"It was truly a very pleasant experience, in which we have to thank you for involving us, I think it is a concept of understanding viticulture and wine worth mentioning. Illusion like the one you have, it will be a precious asset for the development of the region. It was a luxury to taste the expression of your project in the form of the great wines we could taste.

Enrique García-Escudero Head of the Viticultural Research Service Deputy Director of the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences of Rioja, Spain 

"We remember with great interest the visit to your winery. I think it is an example to follow!"

José Martinez Director of the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences of Rioja, Spain 

After exploring various wine companies, I was captivated by the exceptional quality and sustainability of Dovinto's beyond organic wine practices. Their innovative approach to winemaking produces exquisite flavors while prioritizing environmental preservation, making them a true gem in the wine industry.

-Armando Allan Microbiologist
  • No Flavors or Additives

    All wines are free of additives including but not limited to: Sulfites, Tannins, Potassium Sorbate and Polyphenols.

  • No Chemical Fertilizer

    No inorganic material of completely or partially synthetic origin is utilized to support plant growth in the soil.

  • No Pesticides

    No chemical agents are employed to discourage, incapacitate, kill, or in any way deter pests.

  • No Herbicides

    No chemicals are used to manipulate or control undesirable vegetation.

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  • Our Story

    Dovinto is a premium winery dedicated to producing exceptional wines from our naturally sustainable vineyard.

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  • Our Wines

    All of our wines are made from sustainably grown grapes.

  • Our Process

    All of our grapes are grown in a sustainable and renewable vineyard that employs practices that make Dovinto wine, one of a kind, thru a process called Optimum Ecosystem by Biologic Induction.

  • Our Vineyard

    Our sustainable vineyard is nestled in the enchanting landscape of Baja California, encompassing 247 acres of meticulously planned and integrated high-quality wine-growing properties within the stunning foothills and terraces of the region.

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