What makes Dovinto Special?

DOVINTO differs from any other wine project for its special agriculture that we call beyond organic, we have developed this way of doing agriculture that is healthier and empowers plants so that they can develop fruits full of nutrients that translates into a superior product.

What is your best Red Wine?

All wines have the same agriculture, quality and processes, this is where the tastes of wine lovers play the role, which grape is the one they like for that occasion.

What is your best White Wine?

All wines have the same agriculture, quality and processes, this is where the tastes of wine lovers play the role, which grape is the one they like for that occasion.

What kind of fertilizer and compost do you use to grow your grapes?

The nutrition of the vines is done through a process of composting various elements that include Fish Trimmings, Seaweed, Various Manure of Free-grazing Animals as well as straw and herbs that grow in the vineyards, since in the field no herbicides or any other agrochemical are used to achieve this compost is inoculated with beneficial microorganisms that are those that mineralize the matter, una vez logrado este compost de altísima calidad alimentamos millones de lombrices para obtener los lixiviados que son utilizados para la nutrición de las vides.

Does your wine have added sulfites?

Our wine has the minimum sulfites that are added at the beginning of aging and corrected at the time of bottling, total and free sulfites are in minimum quantity to ensure proper aging of the wine.

How long does the wine last once opened?

Our process of agriculture and oenology are unique, it avoids biologically pathogens that can spoil the wine together with the large amount of antioxidants with high reaction power makes our wine open and stored properly in the refrigerator can last at least 15 days without losing its original characteristics and for months accusing a slight oxidation.

How long does the wine rest after opening?

After opening the wine is ready immediately to taste it and opens as time passes and having more expression, so if you want to avoid that evolution in the glass and that it is at its maximum expression from the first sip it is recommended to decant and let it rest for 10 minutes.

Why is your wine so expensive?

Our wine is not expensive, it can be expensive but it is the cheapest in the market for what it offers, it is worth more than it costs!!! And to understand it we will review 3 very understandable points although there are many more.

1.- The production per hectare of grapes is thinned to between 5 and 6 tons, what is sought here is concentration in the grapes of its components which impacts on the cost we do not harvest quantity but quality.

2.- All the biological processes "Beyond Organic" that we develop have a higher cost than organic and traditional agriculture. There is no use of any substance that has the function of eliminating pathogenic microorganisms since they would also be killing the beneficial microorganisms that make symbiosis with plants to be able to Develop its full potential and deliver it to us in its fruit, the treatment is biological with its natural enemies is more expensive but it gives us fruits enhanced in their bionutrients and antioxidants that make a great benefit to our body.

3.- The whole project is Sustainable and Sustainable totally off grid the energy used is solar from the pumping of water, to all wine processes the production and storage of energy has a higher cost than using energy produced by fossil materials.

What is the history of your wine company?

There is a history of science and love for the land behind DOVINTO an inalienable search for improvement and respect for life and nature that opts for its unique products with Soul and Heart that we deliver to contribute to health, nutrition, well-being and the enjoyment of enjoying an ancient drink that elevates the spirit and enhances the flavors of food.

How do you ensure the quality of your grapes and wines?

Our processes are monitored at every moment and stage, we carry out multiple control measures in which microbiological studies are included, which is where the health and safety of any product begins.

Where can I find your wine? Or is it only sold online?

Directly in the winery or through the page or our social networks, we like to have a personalized and direct contact with the client.

Do you recommend any particular wine for special occasions?

All our wines are made for special moments, it depends on the taste you have for a favorite grape although we recommend the high gamma wines that are our special blends which accumulate the best characteristics of the varietals that are found and make them complex, intense, elegant and of great permanence.

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